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Collaboration with the Edith M Decker Elementary School 2015-2016 2nd Grade Class

Margaret collaborated with the Edith M. Decker Elementary School’s 2015-2016 2nd grade class who assisted in the editing of The Cat ...
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Visiting Author School Events

Margaret has visited both Edith M. Decker Elementary School and the Mount Arlington Public School on two different occasions (2013 ...
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Book signings: Dr. Seuss Night, Edith M. Decker Elementary School, 2013 and 2016

Margaret attended two book signings at Edith M. Decker Elementary School. She met with students from younger grades during a ...
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Bonnie D. Graham, ReadMyLipsBLogTalkRadio

Log into: to hear the live internet radio show with Bonnie D. Graham, ReadMyLipsBLogTalkRadio. Margaret is the 2nd guest, about 30 ...
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