Margaret C. Pflug

Margaret C. Pflug is a working mother, child advocate, and best selling co-author. Her first children's book, The Cat Cavalry's Farm Adventure, was born out of a midnight promise to her young daughter and son. She vowed to teach them all that she knew about how to have a happy life...developing and maintaining a pawsitive attitude. Margaret is committed to helping the world's children help themselves through teaching self- esteem building techniques and encouraging social responsibility. Her first book is part of the Wake Up: Live the Life you Love series, a collaborative work titled Living in Clarity. She currently resides in New Jersey with her husband, two children and their family cat, Baxterina.

Baxterina ©:

Breed: Bombay
Color: all black
Fur type: short hair
Sex: Female
Body type: Lean and petite
Personality: Oldest and wisest of the 4 cats. She is a leader and is considered the one in charge. She is cautious and doesn't make sudden moves. She often directs the Calvary. She is in charge of the Pawsitive Monitor. Baxterina is compassionate, warm hearted and patient. She enjoys playing tag with rabbits and chipmunks and napping

Hobson ©:

Breed: Tabby Color: soft grey and white with a faint dark stripe
Fur type: short to medium length hair
Sex: Male
Body type: Muscular and strong
Personality: He is in charge of flying the hot-air balloon. He gets everyone to their destination safely. He tends to look after the younger two cats - especially Tigris - the youngest. Hobson is very good at working with metal and likes to make cool paw prints out of bolts and gears. Hobson is compassionate and kind. He loves to nap.

Sargent ©:

Color: white
Fur type: medium length
Sex: Male
Body type: smaller than Hobson - a bit bigger than Tigris.
Personality: He is very playful and enthusiastic. He loves traveling, flowers and napping. Since he is a writer, he blogs about the Cavalry's many adventures in his Cat-O-Log. Sargent is full of hope and believes anything is possible. He is very pawsitive! He is refreshing to all who meet him. He often pals around with Tigris.

Tigris ©:

Breed: Maincoon
Color: multi-colored: white and orange
Fur type: long, fluffy hair
Sex: Female
Body type: smaller, youngest cat
Personality: She is very playful and is the youngest. She is a bit forgetful but she always remembers to have fun. She gets distracted easily and often Hobson keeps her gently in line. Her favorite activities are chasing butterflies and napping. Sometimes she gets lost. She is almost always giggling. Being around Tigris warms your heart.